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ePrivacy is regularly involved in social projects. ePrivacy donates a substantial amount of its profits to organisations in need.

Hamburger Tafel e.V.

The Hamburger Tafel supports people in need by providing them with donated food. The "Hamburger Tafel" does not distribute this food to people in need itself, but it takes care of the entire administrative and logistical process: It collects food donations, stores them and distributes them to social institutions. The Hamburger Tafel is financed solely by donations (2/3 donations in goods and 1/3 donations in monetary donations).

H A U S B E T L E H E M e.V.

„Haus Betlehem“ at Budapester Straße 23a in Hamburg does its service to the homeless day after day inconspicuously, but with great reliability. Five sisters of Mother Teresa, together with a circle of volunteers, provide the poor with a substantial breakfast every day and a warm lunch on Sundays and public holidays. On special occasions, such as Christmas, between 400 and 500 hot meals are served.

Zukunft für Bweyas Kinder e.V.

Bweya is a small town near Kampala, the capital of Uganda. The social climate is characterized by strong contrasts, which are constantly increasing. In 1968 the Ugandan couple Christopher and Irene Mukasa founded the Bweya Children’s Home, a children's home for outcasts and orphans. After the home was initially supported by German friends, it had to exist in the following years without foreign aid. Everyday life is characterised by increasing supply bottlenecks in the elementary areas of nutrition, health and education. The children's home has been run by Moses Ssebaggala since 2009.

Tor zum Leben — LIFEGATE Rehabilitation e.V.

Children and teenagers with physical and/or mental disabilities in the West Bank live on the margins of society. Support measures and educational programmes from the public sector that give them a chance for a self-determined life are virtually non-existent. A statutory social security system is lacking, as is special financial support for people with disabilities. LIFEGATE in Beit Jala is the centre and heart of an extensive rehabilitation network stretching from Ramallah in the north to Hebron in the south of the West Bank.

Rotary-Hilfswerk Grusskarten e.V.

The Rotary-Hilfswerk Grusskarten e.V. is a non-profit organization of the German Rotary Clubs. It is recognized and recommended by the German Governor Council. For over 25 years the association Rotary Hilfswerk greeting cards helps with the sales of christmas and general greeting cards projects orphans in Ghana or children in India or Nepal, who urgently need medical assistance or simply vaccinations for their protection.

Medicines Sans Frontiers e.V.

MSF is the largest independent medical aid organization in the world. Since it was founded on December 21, 1971, it has provided emergency medical aid during crises and in war zones. Ten thousand helpers from various medical fields work in more than 70 countries around the world for people who are in mortal danger and who urgently need humanitarian aid.

German Cancer Aid

The German Cancer Aid is a non-profit aid organization that has made it its goal to fight cancer in all its forms. Their motto: “Help. Research. Inform.“ In the area of cancer research, they are the most important privat donor in Germany. Investments are made in a wide variety of projects to improve the treatment of all people who suffer from cancer.

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