Data Protection Consulting

Regardless of whether you are in online advertising, technology services, healthcare, telecommunications, or any other industry, consumers and data protection authorities increasingly demand compliance with legal data protection requirements. Besides German law (e.g., BDSG), consideration must also be given to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and numerous national initiatives or industry-specific self-regulatory measures.

As a specialist in data protection for internet and mobile sectors, ePrivacy offers industry-specific consulting services, such as verifying and certifying digital products and services, and supporting the development of new and innovative offerings to ensure they comply with data protection regulations.


  • Experience and Trust: With over 1000 clients and 400+ certifications across various industries, we are your reliable data protection partner.
  • Customized Solutions: We develop solution-oriented data protection concepts and can advise your internal Data Protection Officer among other services.
  • In-depth Expertise: Our team comprises experienced data protection experts, computer scientists, and legal professionals


We create a tailored consulting concept for you, aligned with your needs, company size, and products and processes. In data protection consulting, we can support your internal Data Protection Officer or Privacy Coordinator with specific issues. We develop efficient solutions that ensure you achieve your goals without unnecessary complexity, while adhering to all data protection regulations.


  • Status-Quo  analysis and assessments on data protection across various business sectors
  • Consultation on privacy-compliant modeling of technical business processes
  • Design, planning, and implementation of necessary measures for a sustainable and proactive approach to data protection within the company, with partners, and service provider
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Data Protection Documentation

  • Conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
  • Creation of records of processing activities and privacy policies
  • Taking the lead on all data protection matters internally and externally until the appointment of an external Data Protection Officer
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Employee Training

  • Data protection fundamentals training to raise awareness among employees
  • Specific topics (upon request), including data security aspects (phishing, malware, etc.)
  • For employees, management, and executive leadership
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360 Degree Website Check

  • Evaluation and review of terms and conditions
  • Evaluation and review of imprint 
  • Evaluation and review of all other processes occurring on the website
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What are the advantages of seeking advice from ePrivacy on data protection matters?

  • As a product developer, partnering with ePrivacy allows you to streamline your development processes and eliminate the need for subsequent amendments to align with data protection regulations.
  • By avoiding data breaches, you mitigate financial losses and safeguard your reputation.
  • When deploying company apps, early identification and rectification of programming weaknesses ensure readiness well before market launch.
  • You can rest assured of compliance with relevant legislation, even when expanding into jurisdictions with differing data protection requirements, and meet current standards set by regulatory authorities.
  • These efforts serve as a proactive approach towards certification, minimizing the effort required during the certification process.

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