Data protection training sessions and workshops

As a data protection specialist for the digital products and mobile sectors, ePrivacy, in addition to providing certification and data protection advisory services, also holds workshops and training sessions on all topics relating to data protection.

All of ePrivacy's data protection trainers have long-standing experience in handling data protection issues gathered in the context of our diverse project-based work, and as such possess the relevant current technical, organizational and legal knowledge in this regard. Our training sessions and workshops are very much practice-oriented and in-depth in their approach.

What are the benefits to you of taking part in our data protection training sessions and workshops?

  • They raise your employees' awareness of data protection issues
  • Your employees obtain qualifications in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions and the relevant specialist knowledge on the subject of "data protection" which they require
  • ePrivacy serves as a legally, technically and organizationally competent sparring partner for product developers with regard to all data protection issues
  • You can use these as a means of a preparatory step towards obtaining certification in the form of the ePrivacyseal, which will reduce the effort involved in the actual certification process

What data protection training sessions and workshops does ePrivacy offer?

Our data protection training sessions and workshops are tailored to your company's specific situation and individual business model. 

Examples of the types of training sessions and workshops we offer:

  • Basic training on data protection
  • Basic training on data security
  • Training on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Sector-specific specialist training courses with certification of technical qualification, e.g. on the subject of "Data Protection Managers in the Online-Marketing Context" 
  • Workshops in preparation for certification in the form of our ePrivacyseal data protection seal of approval
  • Internal company data protection workshops for product developers
  • Assumption of all training sessions which company data protection officers are required to organize
  • Individual qualification by internal data protection officers of companies with digital business models

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