Our customized consulting services in data security offer you comprehensive support in all areas of data security. The goal of data security is generally the protection of data. Therefore, data security is not limited to personal data but also includes, for example, internal company data.

To ensure that potential security vulnerabilities cannot be exploited, appropriate measures are taken, such as data encryption, the use of a secure cloud, employee training, and more.

We support you in the establishment of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and accompany the process as Information Security Officers (ISO). Furthermore, we advise you on how to securely implement new technologies in your company, such as Artificial Intelligence, Large Language Models (LLMs), or Blockchain technologies.

ISO 27001

  • ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized standard that outlines the requirements for an ISMS using a process approach
  • The standard describes requirements for the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of an ISMS
  • Four different phases together form a PDCA cycle (Plan – Do – Check – Act)
  • ePrivacy supports you in preparing for certification
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Establishment of an ISMS

  • ePrivacy advises companies and public authorities on the implementation of information security management systems.
  • The establishment and introduction of an ISMS are prerequisites for certification according to the international ISO 27001 standard.
  • An ISO 27001 certificate serves as official proof of information security.
  • An ISO 27001 certificate provides competitive advantages in tenders
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Information Security Officier (ISO)

  • ePrivacy can be appointed as an external ISO and supports the implementation and operation of an ISMS.
  • Control and coordination of the security process.
  • Support for company management in the creation of the security policy.
  • Investigation of security-related incidents.
  • Initiation and coordination of awareness and training programs on information security.
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Artificial Intelligence

  • Evaluation and minimization of data protection risks in the implementation of AI systems.
  • Ensuring compliance with data protection laws (GDPR and EU AI Act) and regulations in AI applications.
  • Development of policies and procedures to protect sensitive data in AI projects.
  • Conducting data protection impact assessments for AI-driven processes.
  • Training and awareness programs for employees on data protection regulations and practices in the context of AI
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  • Evaluation of security risks and vulnerabilities in blockchain systems.
  • Development and implementation of security policies and protocols for blockchain projects.
  • ePrivacy supports companies in using blockchain technology in compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Certification of blockchain applications with the recognized ePrivacyseal data protection seal is possible if a product meets the high standards for data protection and data security.
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360 Degree Website Check

  • Evaluation and review of terms and conditions (T&C).
  • Evaluation and review of the imprint
  • Evaluation and review of the consent management platform and consent processes.
  • Evaluation and review of all other processes taking place on the website.


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