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ePrivacy advises companies and certifies products in the connected cars context in cases in which stringent requirements as to data protection and data security have to be met. Certification in the form of the recognized ePrivacyseal or ePrivacyApp data protection seals will be possible where a product meets the stringent requirements as to data protection and data security to an exemplary degree.

What are applications in the connected cars context?

Connected cars are vehicles which are connected to the Internet or communicate with devices capable of being hooked up to the World Wide Web.

This network connection is intended to facilitate the operation of vehicles by their owners and to enhance the driving experience through the provision of infotainment systems, while intelligent driver assistance systems are intended to improve safety levels.

Examples of applications in the connected cars context are:

  • (Partially) automated parking assistant systems
  • In-car WLAN
  • Traffic jam assistance systems which drive autonomously in "stop and go" traffic situations
  • Triggering of mechanisms by means of mobile end devices (e.g. activation of headlight flashing function for the purposes of locating vehicles, car locking mechanism)
  • Transmission of driving data to remote servers
  • Issuance of warnings to users where obstacles (e.g. potholes) are experienced by preceding vehicles

The interlinking of the vehicle systems enables the transmission of user data to third parties, for example the manufacturer or insurance companies. Certain requirements must be satisfied in this connection, including data protection and data security regulations.

The following are examples of the questions which arise in this context:

  • Who can obtain access to the data?
  • Are user profiles created and, if so, by whom and on what authorization?
  • Is the data subject to adequate protection?
  • Is there a declaration of consent by the vehicle owner?
  • In the event that the vehicle is privately leased: Can a user profile be created even without such a declaration of consent?
  • and so on.

What are the advantages for you of obtaining advice from ePrivacy on connected cars or certification in the form of the ePrivacyseal?

  • Connected car products can from the outset be developed in such a manner as to ensure their compliance with currently applicable legislation ("privacy by design")
  • The need for any subsequent amendments in line with data protection regulations can be dispensed with.
  • Data breaches and the associated subsequent financial losses and loss of reputation can be avoided
  • Connected car providers become familiar with any technical flaws in their apps with regard to data protection and data security and are able to rectify these before any critical data leaks occur
  • Obtaining certification for a connected car product demonstrates your commitment to data protection as a means of building trust

Services provided by ePrivacy to providers of connected car products

By virtue of the specialist experience gathered by it in the connected cars context and its involvement in the drafting of numerous white papers on the subject, ePrivacy has the most up-to-date technical knowledge at its disposal, enabling it to join forces with you to develop solutions for all manner of data protection and data security issues and problems arising in the connected cars context.

For example, we provide the following services:

  • Advice on privacy by design and privacy by default approaches to new connected cars products and services
  • Privacy impact assessment for new connected car products
  • Data protection certification in accordance with EU or Swiss law in the form of the ePrivacyseal
  • Technical verification of data traffic

ePrivacy will assist you in designing your products, technologies and services in line with the extremely stringent requirements imposed by applicable data protection legislation. We will help you and your employees to ensure the secure handling of customer and user data.

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