ePrivacy launches its own news app


The ePrivacy News App displays current topics about data protection and data security. The news can be read directly in the app via the integrated WebView. There are several ways to open the listed news directly in the native browser of your smartphone!

In order to keep an overview in the long run and to offer more interactions, the following features have been integrated:

- Reading list
To save a news for later, you can store it directly there

- Favourites
Important news that you would like to find later can be saved here.

- History
All read news are listed and available for tracking

- Languages
App and news language can be set to German, English or French

- Filters
All news or just the unread ones? In the App Bar in the news area is a filter icon to toggle this setting

- Indicators
The status of a news (whether it is in the reading list, saved as favourite or already read) is displayed directly inside the news tile

- Sharing
News can be shared directly in several ways

- Swipe or context menu
Actions can be revealed using the Swipe gesture or accessed via the context menu - just as you like

- Themes
You can change between Light, Dark and True Dark Mode

- Data
Cookies and cache that accumulates when news are opened in the integrated WebView can be deleted in the settings

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