Not accredited procedure within the meaning of article 42, 43 GDPR.

Important note for the ePrivacyseal EU proceedings initiated after 25 May 2018:

We have developed our own data protection seal tailored to new technologies and platforms (e.g., the digital and online sectors) as well as to small and medium-sized enterprises to better meet the needs of our customers. Due to the different design of our seals, the lengthy process, and the enormous costs that would also have been associated with it, we have consciously decided against undergoing an approval procedure according to Art. 42 para. 5 GDPR.

Therefore, the criteria catalog underlying the ePrivacyseal EU is not approved according to Art. 42 para. 5 GDPR. Thus, the ePrivacyseal is not an approved certification body in the sense of Art. 42 para. 5 GDPR. Nevertheless, our certificates also confirm compliance with the GDPR (except for Art. 42), are deliberately designed differently, and can therefore be obtained cost-effectively and quickly.

ePrivacy customers are contractually obligated to indicate in the context of their business communication and in case of the publication of the ePrivacyseal EU that the certification is based on the current criteria catalog of the ePrivacyseal, but not on the basis of an approved criteria catalog according to Art. 42 para. 5 GDPR. Therefore, no other impression should be created in the respective advertising of the applicant.

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