DTSG UK Brand Safety

DTSG UK Brand Safety is available to agencies, publishers and marketers as a means of demonstrating their implementation of a technology-driven management process intended to ensure that their advertising media are not shown in undesirable or unlawful contexts. To date, this seal is only valid in the United Kingdom.

Compliance with Good Practice principles

The Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) managed by JICWEBS created a set of high level Principles aimed at minimising the risk of ad misplacement. ePrivacy independently assesses whether a company complies with the principles of DTSG.

After successful completion of the ePrivacy audit, companies receive a certificate and a seal of compliance from JICWEBS, demonstrating their commitment to brand security. The Good Practice principles drafted by the DTSG have been reviewed and approved by JICWEBS. Intentions of the principles are:

  • Significantly reduce the risk of misplacement of display advertising on digital media properties. 
  • Uphold brand safety.
  • Protect the integrity of digital advertising.


JICWEBS (The Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards in the UK and Ireland) was created by the UK and Ireland media industry to ensure independent development of standards for measuring performance online and benchmarking best practice for online ad trading.

The Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) was set up in 2012 at the request of the industry to bring the industry together to propose guidelines aimed at significantly reducing the risk of misplacement of advertising across the digital trading ecosystem.

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