EDAA-OBA certification

ePrivacy offers full certification within the scope of the IAB Europe OBA Framework (EDAA-OBA certification). Companies in the digital advertising industry who successfully complete this certification process are awarded the "EDAA Trust Seal", a seal of approval which is recognized throughout Europe. The seal officially attests to the certified company's fulfillment of and compliance with requirements imposed by the IAB Europe OBA Framework. 

The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) was established in 2011 by a number of European digital and advertising industry associations. It is an organization which regulates compliance with the requirements of the OBA Framework, which is already upheld by more than 250 companies.

ePrivacy has been authorized by the EDAA as an official certification provider for the "EDAA Trust Seal".

Central aspects of the certification

ePrivacy certifies compliance with the IAB Europe OBA Framework, in particular with regard to the following principles:

  • Privacy notices
  • Possibility for users to opt-out of the use of their data in the OBA context
  • Data security
  • Exclusion of sensitive segmentation
  • Provision of information on OBA to users

Preparation for certification by the EDAA

The preparations for EDAA-OBA certification are undertaken by each company together with the EDAA. These comprise the satisfaction of technical requirements and voluntary disclosure of information.

Final certification by ePrivacy

The final certification process is divided into three stages. We use our own ACE (Automated Compliance Evaluation) software for all three stages. Examinations are largely carried out on an automated basis and the process thus involves little expenditure in terms of time or money for your company. 

The specialized examination process ensures compliance with the OBA Framework on the part of the customer: ePrivacy identifies potential problems in the run-up to certification and also in the context of the tests carried out on a regular basis thereafter, and suggests possible solutions for the customer.

All companies which successfully complete the certification process are awarded the "EDAA Trust Seal Powered by ePrivacy" which attests to their compliance with the IAB Europe OBA Framework. The publication of the seal is an official testament to their responsible approach to data protection.

Eine EDAA-OBA-Zertifizierung eignet sich für folgende Geschäftsmodelle:

  1. für alle Unternehmen, die Targeting für mehrere Dienste nutzen
  2. für alle Unternehmen, die Profiling durch das Sammeln von Daten betreiben
  3. für Werbenetzwerke
  4. für Agenturen
  5. Publisher mit eigenem Tracking
  6. Vermarkter
  7. Technologieanbieter
  8. Datenanbieter
  9. Adserver
  10. OBA-Anbieter
  11. Ad Exchanges
  12. Demand Side Plattformen
  13. Supply Side Plattformen

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