Not accredited procedure within the meaning of article 42, 43 GDPR.

Important note for the ePrivacyseal EU proceedings initiated after 25 May 2018:

The catalogue of criteria on which the ePrivacyseal EU is based has not yet been approved in accordance with Art. 42 para. 5 GDPR, as the relevant procedures have not yet been made available by the supervisory authorities. The ePrivacyseal is therefore currently not (yet) an approved certification body within the meaning of Art. 42 para. 5 GDPR, as such an approval is currently not possible. As soon as a corresponding certification procedure is available, ePrivacyseal GmbH will submit the necessary applications.

The customers of ePrivacy are therefore contractually obliged to draw attention to this circumstance in their business communication and in the event of publication of the ePrivacyseal EU. In particular, it should be pointed out that certification is based on the current ePrivacyseal catalogue of criteria, but not on an approved catalogue of criteria in accordance with Art. 42 Para. 5 GDPR. No other impression may therefore be created in the applicant's advertising.

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