ePrivacy offers consulting services and certifications for various industries. Do
    you as a technology service provider need advice on privacy by design? Or are
    you working in an mHealth company and would like to have your medical app
    certified for good data protection? Learn more about our industry-specific
    services and products.

Online Marketing

Thanks to the technological progress, Internet users can receive personalized ads regardless of which device they are using and on which pages they are surfing. The online marketing industry is a complex market with many business models that process an enormous amount of data. ePrivacy helps actors to comply with German and European data protection laws.

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Technology Service Providers

Online advertising is a very dynamic industry, in which new technologies are constantly being deployed with a view to increasing the efficiency of advertising measures. When placing targeted online advertising, publishers, marketers and agencies are more and more involving technology service providers as specialists for the provision of service components.

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Apps / Mobile

Smartphones, tablets and new technologies are on the rise: In Europe and around the world mobile devices and applications have become an integral part of life. But what about the safety and security of user data? ePrivacy tests and certifies Apps on the topics of privacy and data security.

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E-Health is an umbrella term referring to the use of digital technologies in the healthcare sector. mHealth is an area of eHealth which refers to eHealth applications on smartphones and other mobile devices. Digital technologies can be used in connection with all media and services employed for preventative, diagnostic, treatment, monitoring and administrative purposes. The processing of health care data is of particular relevance from a data protection perspective.

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Electronic communications such as fixed-line calls, surfing on mobile phones or writing emails on a laptop, produce a large amount of customer and traffic data that may be allocated to single users. ePrivacy will help you and your employees to ensure the secure handling of sensitive patient and user data.

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TV/Video Marketing

Due to the Internet connection of modern televisions, advertisers can display multimedia content other than the television signal. Today, television is much more than the traditional TV program – videos can be watched online and on mobile devices, too. ePrivacy will assist you in designing your products, technologies and services in line with the requirements imposed by applicable data protection legislation. 

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Connected Cars

The vehicle of the future is internally and externally crosslinked. The internal communication takes place within the vehicle between the vehicle systems. An example of an external network is the connection to the worldwide web. From an IT perspective, the future of mobility in times of big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things seems set – but what about data security?

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Retail marketing refers to measures implemented by retailers in order to raise awareness of and interest in their goods and services. Therefore, online and offline measures are connected: The store design aims to improve the shopping experience, online information complements the in-store consultation. Often, a lot of consumer data is processed for that purpose. ePrivacy will advise you on the privacy-compliant implementation of your products.

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