ePrivacy advises companies in the telecommunications industry in cases in which stringent requirements as to data protection and data security have to be met. Certification in the form of the recognized ePrivacyseal data protection seal will be possible where a product complies with German or European data protection legislation to an exemplary degree.

Particular characteristics of user data in the telecommunications sector

A large amount of inventory and traffic data which is generally capable of being directly attributed to individual users is generated through the use of the various means of electronic communication, such as making telephone calls from a fixed line network, surfing one one's cellphone, or writing e-mails on a laptop. At times, such data will comprise detailed information about a user's preferences and habits and will thus constitute personal data which is particularly deserving of protection pursuant to data protection legislation. 

It is also possible, from a technical standpoint, that personal data of communication partners of customers of a telecommunications service provider, with whom the latter has no contractual relationship whatsoever, may also be stored in this context.

The issues of, for example, whether and for how long providers may store data as to ...

  • The frequency of telephone calls between one user and another, 
  • A user's location upon sending a text message, or 
  • The websites visited by a user and the order in which they were visited 

and whether ...

  • This data may be used for advertising purposes or
  • Transmitted to third parties or to other countries 

will be governed by a multitude of provisions of various systems of national law pertaining to the rights of the individual.

In Germany, regard must be had to the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany (Grundgesetz), the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz – BDSG), the German Telecommunications Act (Telekommunikationsgesetz), the German Telemedia Act (Telemediengesetz – TMG) and the pertinent EU Directives, for example.

When will it be a good idea for you as a telecommunications service provider to obtain advice or certification in the form of the ePrivacyseal?

  • As a telecommunications service provider, you want to be able to use user data collection in compliance with the relevant legislative provisions for advertising or market research purposes and/or to share such data with third-party providers.
  • You want to be able from the outset to develop your new telecommunications products in such a manner as to ensure their compliance with currently applicable legislation ("privacy by design").
  • You are developing a big data approach to the use of extensive data and wish to have this approach audited from a data protection perspective.

What are the advantages for you of obtaining certification in the form of the ePrivacyseal?

  • The need for any subsequent amendments in line with data protection regulations can be dispensed with.
  • Data breaches and the associated subsequent financial losses and loss of reputation can be avoided.
  • Obtaining certification for your telecommunications product demonstrates your commitment to data protection as a means of building trust

    Rasmus Giese

    CEO, United Internet Media GmbH

    For United Internet Media, high-quality targeting is not just a marketing promise, but a self-commitment. The Targeting Seal by ePrivacy allows us to demonstrate the outstanding quality of our Predictive Behavioral Targeting System TGP® and to make it transparent to our customers and business partners. 

Services provided by ePrivacy to telecommunications companies

Our consultants have relevant industry experience in the area of telecommunications. They are familiar with the established standards applicable in the mobile communications context, as well as with technical details (deep packet inspection, unified communications, etc.), and know how best to structure users' declarations of consent and rights of objection, contracts with co-operation partners or any necessary contracted data processing agreements in a legally effective manner.

ePrivacy provides the following services to its customers:

  • Advice on privacy by design and privacy by default approaches to new telecommunications products and services
  • Data privacy impact assessment for new telecommunications products
  • Certification of telecommunications products in accordance with EU or Swiss law in the form of the ePrivacyseal
  • Drawing up of data guidelines

ePrivacy will assist you in designing your products, technologies and services in line with the extremely stringent requirements imposed by applicable data protection legislation. We will help you and your employees to ensure the secure handling of sensitive telecommunications data.

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