Seminars and Workshops

by Data Protection Experts with Years of Consulting Experience


Through years of experience in consulting and implementation of projects on data protection and data security, ePrivacy has acquired a rich fund of knowledge. Now we would like to make this knowledge at available to our customers and share our expertise with you. 


Seminar Programme

Here you can find the next dates for our seminars. The full seminar programme can be found here

Course NameCourse TypeDate
GDPR Basics (DE) Fundamentals24.11. to 25.11.2022
Data Protection Officer (DPO) (DE)Fundamentals05.12. to 07.12.2022
Up-to-date Data ProtectionOnline seminar and Q+A08.12.2022
GDPR Auditor (ePrivacy) technical (DE) Fundamentals12.12. to 14.12.2022
GDPR Auditor (ePrivacy) legal (DE) Fundamentals19.12. to 21.12.2022
Up-to-date Data ProtectionOnline Seminar and Q+A16.01.2023
Data Protection Officer (DPO) (DE)Fundamentals23.01. to 25.01.2023

Registration for our Seminars

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Our seminar programme is made up of different approaches.

  • Regular employee training for our clients
  • Basic training courses for data protection officers and auditors
  • Flexible add-on modules for data protection officers and auditors
  • Annual training courses on current topics and legal developments
  • online workshops
  • Free of charge webinars on current data protection topics


Employee training for our clients

Our data protection officers regularly conduct general employee training in coordination with our clients. These are individually adapted to the specific requirements in the company and the implementation status on site. In this way, we ensure that the topic of data protection receives the necessary attention in the company and that the employees' awareness of the GDPR is raised with regard to their own areas of responsibility.

Fundamental Trainings for Data Protection Officers and Auditors

In our three-day fundamental training courses you will receive comprehensive information that will prepare you for your tasks as a data protection officer or auditor. Together we will work out legal and technical know-how that will provide you with a solid foundation for independent evaluations and consulting skills.

This course offers you for example:

  • useful skills from the practical experience of an established team
  • knowledge transfer that is geared to practical relevance  
  • tips from everyday work with customers and projects
  • easy access to data protection legal information 

Flexible Add-on Trainings for Data Protection Officers and Auditors

Since the subject area is too extensive to be dealt with in a single training course, we offer you advanced modules that you can combine flexibly and book independently.

Topic-specific knowledge on how to plan and implement data protection and data security correctly is available for the topics:

  • eHealth
  • marketing (especially online)
  • online trading
  • human resources (HR)

Annual Training Courses on Current Topics and Legal Developments

Legal topics are subject to constant change as a result of legal developments. In the same way as with data security, technical progress does not stand still. In order to keep you up to date, we offer you an annual training program on the latest topics and developments. We compile the most important innovations for you and prepare the most important information for this training series.

Online Workshops

Not everyone has the opportunity to take the time to travel to a venue. In addition, we have learned over the past two years that webinars and training courses also offer the highest standards online. Our online workshops offer you the opportunity to be kept up to date on the latest developments in data protection and data security from the comfort of your own home. The series of lectures "up-to-Date Data Protection" deals with current developments and recommendations that are particularly important for companies, consultants and auditors, such as:

  • current jurisdiction and current proceedings
  • information from the authorities
  • administrative enquiries
  • current recommendations for companies (e.g. home office, video systems, use of social media etc.)
  • recommended process adaptations and internal guidelines

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