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The ePrivacy management team is experienced in all data privacy disciplines, focussing on all digital media fields and the TIMES markets.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Bauer


Christoph Bauer has worked for 20 years in the media industry in the finance/controlling area and as CFO and COO in well-known companies such as Bertelsmann and AOL, most recently as CFO/COO of wunderloop. With wunderloop he has built up the field of data protection and advanced behavioral targeting. Wunderloop won the ULD- and the EuroPriSe-Seal for exemplary compliance with German and European data protection under his direction. Christoph Bauer works for organizations in working groups and in the field of data protection and advises leading online marketing companies in data protection issues and the design of business models. Christoph Bauer has been accredited as appraiser (BDSG old version) at the Regional Data Protection Centre Kiel (ULD) for Privacy Seal and accredited auditor for ISO 27001/information security management and teaches as a professor at the HSBA (Hamburg School of Business Administration) in the areas of finance and media industry and entrepreneurship. Please find a list of his publications here.

Dr. Frank Eickmeier

Lawyer, Head of Legal Affairs

Dr. Frank Eickmeier has worked since 1997 as a lawyer and partner of the IT/IP law firm Unverzagt von Have and in particular regards the right of the new media. Frank Eickmeier advises here with his team renowned online marketers, targeting providers, media agencies, content producers and Web 2.0 platforms in the classic questioning in the online world. Early on, Frank Eickmeier specialized to the relevant data protection issues that are related to business models of companies in the online marketing industry. As appraiser he has been  accredited (BDSG old version) at the State Data Protection Centre Kiel (ULD) and assist companies in obtaining the relevant data protection seal of approval, as ULD. He is also the author of the blog: 


ePrivacy works with qualified and certified evaluators. 

The acknowledgement of an individual evaluator is possible when the necessary expertise, reliability and independence are determined. 

The following evaluators are acknowledged by ePrivacy:

Name Field Date of recognition Contact
Dr. Frank Eickmeier Legal 05.04.2011
Prof. Dr. Christoph Bauer Technical 31.01.2012
Alexander Bernhardt Technical 20.07.2012
Dipl. Wi.‑Ing. Kerstin Kafke Technical 06.12.2012
RA Stephan Hansen‑Oest Legal 09.09.2013
Dipl. Wi.‑Inf. Martina Pickhardt Technical 11.03.2014
Patrick von der Gönna Technical 18.03.2014
Dr. Martin Eckert Legal 19.01.2016
B.Sc. Wi.-Inf. Michael Eckard Technical 01.09.2016
B.Sc. Wi.-Inf. Stefanie Hinck Technical 15.09.2016
Dr. Lukas Mezger Legal 01.12.2016
M.Sc. Wi.-Inf. Kurt Laabs Technical 01.10.2017
B.Sc. Wi.-Inf. René Schramowski Technical 01.11.2017
Dipl.-Inf. (FH) Andreas Bethke Technical 07.11.2017
Dr. Christoph Schäfer Technical 15.05.2018
Christian Trey Technical 15.05.2018
Umberto Annino Technical 12.05.2020
Thomas Müller Technical 12.06.2020
Daniel Däppen Technical 02.07.2020
Christian Book Technical 02.07.2020
Michael Sommer Technical 02.07.2020
Efstathios Staikoulias Technical 02.07.2020
Yasin Kücükkaya Technical 03.12.2021
Tim Beutler Technical 03.12.2021
RA Pia Schirmer (PWC Legal) Legal 19.10.2022
Dr. Jan-Peter Ohrtmann (PWC Legal) Legal 21.10.2022

If you are an evaluator and interested in working with us, please feel free to get in touch. We will be happy to inform you about our accreditation process in the field of law and/or technology.

ePrivacy has been recognised as an expert inspection authority in the fields of law and technology (BDSG old version) at the Unabhängigen Landeszentrum für Datenschutz Schleswig Holstein.

Furthermore following auditors has been accredited (BDSG old version) by Unabhängigen Landeszentrum für Datenschutz (ULD):

Name Field Date of recognation Contact
Dr. Frank Eickmeier Legal 05.04.2011
Prof. Dr. Christoph Bauer Technical 02.10.2012
Dipl.-Inf. (FH) Andreas Bethke Technical 17.07.2002
Dipl. Wi.‑Inf. Kerstin Kafke Technical 25.11.2016

ePrivacy is accredited as a certification body of the TCDP. The Trusted Cloud Datenschutz-Profil für Cloud-Dienste (TCDP) is a test standard that meets the data protection requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act for cloud computing. Cloud service providers and users benefit equally from the testing and certification by accredited, expert bodies. Advantages are cost savings, compliance and transparency.

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