Data Protection Evaluations

Regardless of whether you work in online advertising, for a technology service provider, in healthcare, telecommunications, or another industry, compliance with data protection laws is increasingly being demanded by consumers and monitored by data protection authorities. In addition to German law (e.g., BDSG), EU law and numerous national initiatives or industry-specific self-regulatory measures must also be taken into account.

As specialists in data protection for digital products and mobile, the experts accredited by ePrivacy create technical and legal assessments for digital products and services.

    Dr. med. Johannes Jacubeit

    Founder & CEO, GmbH / LifeTime

    High data protection standards are mandatory for health data. ePrivacy's certification is therefore very important for our health app.


  • A data protection assessment by ePrivacy documents the extent to which the applicable legal framework is already being complied with and where there may be a need for improvement. 
  • This helps you avoid data breaches and the associated financial damages and loss of reputation. 
  • You can have your digital product or service checked for compliance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 
  • Assessments already created by us accelerate a subsequent certification process
  • When using company apps, you can identify weaknesses in the programming early and address them before market launch.


We create a data protection evaluation for you that is tailored to your needs, your company size, and your products and processes.

Kick-Off Workshop

  • Joint workshop and familiarization with the actual situation
  • Recording the current state
  • Recording the current technology and processes
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Legal analysis & assessment

  • Legal analysis and clarification of the underlying legal issue
  • Inclusion of current case law, literature, and opinions of supervisory authorities
  • Report including recommendations and mandatory requirements
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What data protection evaluations does ePrivacy provide?

ePrivacy offers the following types of evaluations:

  • Technical reports
  • Legal opinions
  • OBA certification
  • Technical and legal appraisals of apps following the carrying out of our extensive audit procedure
  • Provision of assistance in the carrying out of data privacy impact assessments (DPIAs)

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