State data protection seal

A data protection seal according to Art. 42 and Art. 43 GDPR is awarded by a state-accredited certification body and serves as an official state-recognized GDPR award for data processors or controllers.


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ePrivacy advises and audits

Our experienced auditors provide consulting or audit your solution within the framework of the available state certification. The separation of consultation and auditing by different individuals ensures the independence of the involved parties, integrity, and compliance with legal requirements. With over 450 certifications in 12 years and the development of several certification bodies, our auditors bring comprehensive experience for your state certification.

Through our partner network, you have the opportunity to choose the certification body that is suitable for you. We are happy to advise you on which certification body is best suited for obtaining a state data protection seal.

The process for a state data protection seal is complex and time-consuming. Comprehensive consultation and support of the certification project are essential to ensure the application for a seal with complete, sufficient, and high-quality documentation. This saves additional efforts and costs during the certification process. State certification projects can take 12-18 months. In 2024, German digital health applications (DiGAs) are mandated by law to obtain a state seal. However, there is currently no available state accreditation procedure on the market, but it is expected to be available soon.


The ePrivacyseal data protection seal can naturally continue to be used as a GDPR seal. Feel free to schedule a meeting with us and learn more about certification with a government data protection seal or other seals.

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