• Privacy Seals by ePrivacy 

    ePrivacy offers various seals for the certification of your products. As data
    protection experts, we apply all important technical and legal standards. 
    Certification in the form of an ePrivacy data protection seal of approval
    offers a number of advantages with regard to your digital communications
    products and services – websites, mobile sites, software interfaces, apps, etc.

ePrivacy applies high technical and legal standards in carrying out the tests forming part of the certification process:

  • German data protection legislation (the BDSG, TMG)
  • European data protection legislation (EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, EU General Data Protection Regulation)
  • IAB Europe OBA Framework (governing self-regulation by the digital advertising industry in Europe)

What are the advantages for you of obtaining certification?

  • It enables you to strengthen customer's perception of your brand.
  • It enables you to build trust on the part of your customers.
  • It enables you to increase user loyalty.
  • It enables you to create transparency by means of compliance with official quality criteria.
  • It enables you to demonstrate your commitment to data protection and compliance.



ePrivacy offers various seals for the certification of your products. As data protection experts, we apply all important technical and legal standards from the EU General Data Protection Regulation to the iab Europe OBA Framework. Show your compliance and strengthen the confidence of your customers, investors and business partners with a recognized privacy seal!


  • ePrivacyseal DE
  • ePrivacyseal EU
  • ePrivacyseal CH
  • Published criteria catalog
  • Already incl. EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • Technical and legal evaluation
  • Recognized privacy seal
  • For online and mobile products
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EDAA OBA Certification

  • Particularly for Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA)
  • Compliance with the iab Europe OBA Framework
  • Voluntary commitment
  • Valid and recognized throughout Europe 
  • In Collaboration with the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance
More about the EDAA OBA Certification


  • Certification of Apps
  • Published criteria catalog
  • In-house test laboratory
  • Comprehensive assessment of

    • Privacy
    • Data security
    • Online Behavioral Advertising

  • ePrivacyApp High Security
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